GA398 Staple fiber sizing machine
GA398 Staple fiber sizing machine
GA398 Staple fiber sizing machine
GA398 Staple fiber sizing machine
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Technical data

Suitable for yarn type

Cotton, viscose, linen, mixed filament

No. of beam stands


Beam working width


Beam diameter

800mm/1000mm (option: 1250mm)

Sizing box working width

1800mm/2000mm/2200mm/2400mm (option: 2800mm)

Sizing methods

Type A: once immerse & three times squeeze
Type B: twice immerse & twice squeeze
Type C: twice spray & three times squeeze (vertical spray system)

Max. squeeze pressure

15kN for 1st squeeze roller (Type A & B)
40kN for 2nd squeeze roller (Type A & B) and 3rd squeeze roller (Type C)

Cylinders working width

1800mm/2000mm/2200mm/2400mm (option: 2800mm)

Cylinders structure

Type A: parallel type (8/10/12/14 cylinders)
Type B: single layer vertical type (8/10/12/14 cylinders)
Type C: double layers vertical type (12/14/20/22 cylinders)

Heating source


Max. temperature

150 °C

Take-up working width

2400mm/2800mm/3000mm/3200mm/3600mm (option: 4000mm)

Take-up beam diameter

800mm/1000mm/1100mm (option: 1250mm)

Max. speed

100m/min, 120m/min, 135m/min, 150m/min (option: 180m/min)

Max. take-up tension

7000N (10000N for special requirement)

Drive system

Variable-frequency drive

Standard equipment

Hood, axial flow fans, oiling & waxing device, comb device, split sticks, moisture retention monitoring

Main features
• High productivity: up to 180m/min
• Multi-section drive system
• Wide range of options for sizing methods and drying cylinders structure
• Uniform sizing
• High drying efficiency
• Energy saving (size, steam, electricity)
Option: GA399 Staple fiber sizing machine (for 4000mm working width and 1250mm beam diameter)

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